Highlights from Linkedinpreneur Stories (Edition-I.2) Linkedin

Highlights from Linkedinpreneur Stories (Edition-I.2) Linkedin


As this pandemic time continues along with its lockdown, why not keep the energies high and make our audience get charged up. Well, we are inspired to keep the journey of providing the learning experience alive enriching the ones working from home.
96 hours since the announcement, our team at BEYOND99 worked straight to provide a learning experience enriching the one sitting at home by introducing —

A Truly Virtual Talk Show on #LinkedinLIVE - Linkedinpreneur Stories

With the success of our very first edition of Linkedinpreneur Stories, we are here with an extended edition to give you guys more insights on the entrepreneurial facts and How can you deal with your business in this COVID-pandemic.

This year has been such a roller coaster and challenging for so many businesses all over the world. The economy is facing its hard time to maintain its balance along with many losing hopes and have no idea how to deal with this pandemic and run their business successfully.

People are trying new techniques and building new strategies to make their business run. Some are engaging customers digitally, some are using online platforms for collaborating with their teams who are working from home & some of them are taking this opportunity to upskill their employees. 

What sparked the thought to do a Virtual Talk Show!

Khushboo Nangalia, our Founder & CEO said “We knew growing together is always more fun than alone!” and shared with us they are facing the similar challenges as other businesses at this critical hour too and hence wanted to leverage the forced lockdown as an opportunity to give back to society in our own way.

Chetan Bharadwaj, Co-Founder of BEYOND99 further added – “We felt the urgency of it especially at this time when all we need is a little spark of hope and inspiration. The concept was curated over the weekend and brought into life within 54hrs on the principle of 'Sharing is Caring'...”What’s Linkedinpreneur Stories

What is Linkedinpreneur Stories?

Linkedinpreneur Stories is a content-based community sharing concept featuring some of Asia's best entrepreneurial mindsets who will share their stories in this deep humanitarian crisis thus making you a little more knowledgeable, smarter and powerful to combat the business slowdown once you are back to your respective workplaces.

The First Edition of Linkedinpreneur Stories starred 9 different speakers from 4 different countries across Asia between 24 Mar - 1 Apr, 2020 – live every day at 830pm MYT/SGT, 6pm IST, 1230pm GMT. The live show witnessed more than 50K views from across 20+ countries with great user engagement on the Linkedin LIVE platform.

The extended Edition of Linkedinpreneur Stories starred 8 different speakers from 4 different countries across Asia between 21 April - 29 Apr, 2020 and one Final Episode with 6 guest speakers on 29 April– live every day at 830pm MYT/SGT, 6 pm IST, 1230pm GMT. The live show witnessed more than 50K views from across 18+ countries with great user engagement on the Linkedin LIVE platform.

And for you, if weren’t able to witness live we are going to share a snap view and the entire replay to each session on

Speakers and Episode Insight

Episode 1

Bhupenddra Singh Raathore - India's No. 1 Breakthrough Strategist
Topic: Discover How to Re-Align Your Vision During COVID19

Bhupenddra Singh Raathore - BSR - India's No. 1 Breakthrough Business Strategist, an author, a motivational speaker, TEDx Speaker and many more. He shared his thoughts and ideas on the COVID-19 impact on business and how we can Discover & Re-align our vision to overcome this crisis. Well, he will be also telling us about his life journey from being a shy kid to becoming India’s well-known successful speaker.

If you support the world selflessly, the whole universe is going to support you endlessly

→ Full episode replay

Episode 2

Roshan Thiran - Founder & CEO of Leaderonomics
Topic: Strategies to Overcome Failures - Raise Your Game

Roshan Thiran - Founder & CEO of Leaderonomics, a social entrepreneur, a key-note speaker, and also a leadership author. He is someone who does not fear to admit his failure and tends to learn something from them. He shared some of his thoughts about the COVID crisis and why should we take this opportunity to do something and not lose hope. He also advised on How exactly can we face our fears, combat it, and raise our game in the corporate world.

Don’t ever waste a good crisis, never let a good crisis be wasted

→ Full episode replay

Episode 3

Azran Osman-Rani - CEO & Co-Founder of Naluri
Topic: Leading Through Crisis & Uncertainty: Harnessing Mental Health & Resilience

Azran Osman Rani - CEO & Co-Founder - Naluri, A TEDx speaker, Linkedin Spotlight 2019, former AirAsia X CEO & author of 30 Days and 30 Years. He shared his thoughts on How to Lead Through Crisis & Uncertainty to Harness Mental Health & Resilience. He will also be talking about what is positive mental health looks like and how to practice it to become more focused and more resilient.

The craziest ideas come when you’re totally desperate.

→ Full episode replay

Episode 4

Hans-Peter Ressel - CEO of Momentum Commerce, Ex Co-Founder of Lazada
Topic: Drive Digital Transformation & Growth During COVID

Hans-Peter Ressel former CEO of Lazada & CEO of Momentum Commerce from Malaysia. The one who bought an unknown E-commerce brand to be Malaysia’s Largest Marketplace with more than 3000 transactions per minute in peak times. He shared with us How to drive Digital Transformation & Growth During COVID and Why it is important to be well prepared in advance? He will also share his journey of Lazada and how did he scale up the market place?

Physical transformation is not only a digital transformation, but it is also a complete change of your culture, the way you work with each other, it is a full change in the process that cannot be underestimated

→ Full episode replay

Episode 5

Raymund Villanueva - Director and Head of Business at PayMaya Philippines
Topic: The How-To’s of Making Customers Stay in This Digital Era

Raymund Villanueva - Director and Head of Business - PayMaya Philippines and who has covered a huge space in the Philippines. He spoke to us about The How-To’s of Making Customers Stay in This Digital Era. He will be also talking with us on How exactly the country doing there along with its market update.  

Focusing your energy on what the job is to be done is and what you are trying to achieve is going to be a critical piece

→ Full episode replay

Episode 6

Vince Tan - CEO Of Shock Media Studio
Topic: How to Build a Million Dollar Businesses from Scratch?

Vince Tan - CEO Of Shock Media Studio and who himself build not only one but 3 companies from scratch into a million-dollar business. He was awarded as top 30 Outstanding Young Malaysian Award and he is one of the 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs. He shared with us his success and strategical tactics with us along with advice on "How to Build a Million Dollar Business from Scratch?".

Sometimes we haven’t achieved what we wanna achieve, it’s not because we are not smart enough or hard-working enough. It’s just because we don’t know what we don’t know

→ Full episode replay

Episode 7

Walter de Oude - CEO of Singlife
Topic: Growing Wealth in Tough Times

Walter de Oude - CEO of Singlife. He was the former CEO of HSBC and have 20 years of experience in this field. He is an expert towards wealth management, money management. He knows where and when to invent and how you can manage your money. He shared with us What is the Impact of Finance during this crisis of COVID-19 and how to combat it. He also shared some tips on how people can manage and grow their wealth. He gave some really some good insights and explained what people are doing wrong what they should do to keep growing.

People are fundamentally busy & time constrain, with these two things people don’t have the time to really take care of important things that they should take care of.

→ Full episode replay

Episode 8

Haralabos (Harry) Antarakis - Chief Executive Officer at MyJobs Myanmar
Topic: Help Employees Navigate Unemployment During COVID

Haralabos (Harry) Antarakis from Myanmar - Chief Executive Officer at MyJobs Myanmar and a digital expert having more than 16 years of professional background across Asia and Europe. He shared with us some very important factor that needed to be taken toward the employees of the company and during the time like this, it is important to support and motivate them. He also shared his thoughts on the unemployment factor that is going around and what exactly needs to be done to maintain the balance. He will also be sharing how this pandemic has affected the market throughout the globe and what impact has it left through the world?

Try not to focus on the Short Term, try focusing on the Longer Term

→ Full episode replay

Episode 9 (Finale)

For our last Episode of the journey of Linkedinpreneur Stories of Edition 1 we bought some of our viewers on our LIVE show and heard about their experience and stories and learned so many interesting things from them

  • 6 Guests 
  • 6 Topics from different domain 
  • 4 Countries - Malaysia, Singapore, India & Mexico
  • 15mins each 

Segments and Takeaway

From your Den: This segment includes a rapid-fire Q & A with our host Khushboo Nangalia asking each guest a set of similar questions about their favorite books, life mentor, favorite shows and many more. Guests are encouraged to speak their minds and make the answers super quick.
Heads or Tail round: This segment allows our guests to choose one word among the two that our host will ask them. Guests need to be candid and quick with their answers. Basically it’s like picking a favorite among two.
Top of the mind: In this segment, our host will be throwing one word to the guests and whatever word pops up in their mind first, has to be said out loud. The guest cannot take more time or cannot think much in this segment. It needs to be quick and spontaneous.

From this extended edition of Linkedinpreneur Stories, you will be learning

  1. Top 3 advice on how to uplift yourself to keep going and not to get disheartened
  2. How to handle situations and combat them when failure comes in the way?
  3. What would be the "New Normal" for health care post COVID-19
  4. How can you manage your mental health with the current situation?
  5. During this uncertainty period how one can frame their HR process in means of recruitment, hiring, retention?
  6. How to manage our thoughts when you have so many things to learn in a very small time. I mean when you are dying to achieve something and at the same time you are stuck with a lot of important things and not able to do what you want to do?
  7. How to kick-start to sell a service effectively?
  8. What are the don’ts people should follow when they are starting or scaling a business?
  9. What are the key mistakes that people can end up making at this point in time and rushing to some decision in their finance management?
  10. What challenges does a CEO face running that of a huge company?

Closing Note

The Edition 1 along with its Extended Edition (Edition-1.2) of Linkedinpreneur Stories was a huge success. Truly an overwhelming response that we did not expect at all. Over 25+ countries attended our Linkedinpreneur Stories and more than 50k attendees for only Extended Edition itself.

Note from Khushboo - Founder and Host of Linkedinpreneur Stories

It was an amazing and overwhelming experience for us to conduct a LIVE show with such great personalities. I am honored and blessed to have all the amazing 18 speakers and 6 guest speakers in this show.

Thank you all for sticking by our side, throwing such amazing questions, and finding time from your busy schedule to attend this LIVE Talk show and making it such a  huge success.