Linkedinpreneur Stories: Announcing our Truly Virtual Talk Show

Linkedinpreneur Stories: Announcing our Truly Virtual Talk Show

Has COVID-19 Slowed Your Business Growth?

COVID19 is first and foremost, a global humanitarian challenge and has been emotionally challenging for many people, changing day-to-day life in unprecedented ways and each organization is trying to manage this in their own ways. Some are engaging customers digitally, some are using online platforms for collaborating with their teams who are working from home & some of them are taking this opportunity to upskill their employees.  

What Sparked us thought to do a Virtual Talk Show!

We at B99 are also facing similar challenges and hence we thought of using this forced lockdown as an opportunity to give back to society in our own way. This concept was curated over the weekend on the principle of 'Sharing is Caring' and how our team at B99 can provide a learning experience that can enrich you sitting at home & thus 'Linkedinpreneur Stories' was curated a truly virtual talk show. 

What’s Linkedinpreneur Stories

Linkedinpreneur Stories is a content-based community sharing concept featuring some of Asia's best entrepreneurial mindsets who will share their stories in this deep humanitarian crisis thus making you a little more knowledgeable, smarter and powerful to combat the business slowdown once you are back to your respective workplaces. 

This will be broadcasted digitally using LinkedIn LIVE from 24 - 29 March with 6+ thought leaders across APAC – for consecutive 6+ days – sharing their stories for 45-60 mins including audience-led Q&A interactions.

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