3 Tips on How to Keep Yourself Happy ~ Susana Magdalene #WomenofImpactVideo

3 Tips on How to Keep Yourself Happy ~ Susana Magdalene #WomenofImpactVideo

What's more important in life than to make yourself happy?


Until you are happy you can’t keep your colleague, friends, family around you happy.

Sharing from WomenofImpact with Susana Mayong - With more than 15years of experience in management & marketing and a mother of 2 little boys.

Find out from her how she keeps herself motivated and high all the time!

Meet her 

  • Business Development Expert
  • Loves Networking
  • Has the best earring collections (that I know of) 

Hey do you know what keeps you happy?
For me, it's not always easy to find an answer to this, share with us if you know yours!

Special shoutout to MS. SUCHI & Diana Nguyen, thank you for being my happiness quotient on LinkedIn.

Khushboo Nangalia

Written by Khushboo Nangalia

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