Moving your Content - WOMM vs Influencer Marketing Influencer MaketingWOMM

Moving your Content - WOMM vs Influencer Marketing Influencer MaketingWOMM

So, let’s put marketing in the hands of those we trust — the basic philosophy behind #influencer and word of mouth marketing #WOMM

But my take on influencer/word of mouth is different from most. I think the goal for both tactics is simple: Move Your Content. As we must know the economic value of content that is not seen and shared is zero. 

“Content” can be a story, an idea, a product or service!

Smart businesses know that helping our customers become our marketers — through Influencer marketing and WOMM — is an essential strategy.

The question is - Are they the same? 
Not exactly.

There’s obvious overlap, but there are also differences between them too. And it would be interesting learning about the cross-over. 

In WOMM, super sharers naturally pick up your story and joyfully spread it. 

With an influencer, the arrangement usually requires some value exchange – an experience, status, exclusive information, access to products, or even a paycheck.

Nevertheless, before executing any marketing program it's important to what works for them best; and when!

Khushboo Nangalia

Written by Khushboo Nangalia

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