How Soon to Expect Results from a Content Marketing Strategy? Content MarketingBlog

How Soon to Expect Results from a Content Marketing Strategy? Content MarketingBlog

In life, when you rush things too much it doesn’t work as you thought it would be. Just the same goes for content marketing strategies. Though it requires a lot of patience still the results won’t be as you expected. You see, requiring patience and actually feeling patient is not the same thing. Creating content and examining it whether it is heading the right way should be your priority for the targeted results. 

Today, we’re going to discuss some of the crucial components required for content marketing strategies and how it can help you to drive results.

1. The Discovery Process

When you’re creating a content marketing strategy you’ll have to determine what is your current situation in business, customers, competitions in the market and your business analytics. And then you’ll have to analyse it what you want to accomplish more. Suppose if you want to increase your website traffic, ask yourself why? And how are you going to do that? Gather reliable information about your business and marketing activities that define what, exactly, “results” means to you. 

Remember each piece of content that you create should serve a purpose. Like you want to increase your visibility in the search engine results or you are providing content targeting the audience. Different purpose leads to different results and from that you can optimize your content, track the results and learn from it. What it does is, helps in optimizing the core metrics and serves you focused targets.

2. The Buyer Persona

Now, you must be wondering what’s the buyer persona? It’s a research based profile which depicts a target customer. Businesses use their buyer’s perspective to get a better understanding of their performance and business. Businesses often create several buyer personas to represent different target customers - for example, if you sell software B2B, you might create a persona that represents the ultimate user of the software and another to represent their boss. The impact will be from both sides as they have different needs. Now, when you are building buyer’s persona you need to understand what’s there in the minds of your customers? Try to organise a survey asking them the following questions:

How buyers persona can help you drive the results:

  • Firstly, this will help to understand the core expectation of your target audience and eventually resulting in better communication.
  • It directs you where your target audience think you’re lacking in and helps you focus on that area. So that you can improve your content.
  • You can then audit your existing content and spot gaps.

3. The Content Audit

Last but not the least a content audit extremely important for your content marketing strategy. It’ll help you to explore areas for improving your content. Like if you want to grow your organic search traffic and you’re developing content according to that but the problem is it isn’t ranking well. I would say don’t rush too much. Give it some time, add it into your editorial calendar and search for the places where it needs improvisation. Optimizing your content this way would definitely improve your chances of ranking. You can reschedule or promote it according to your need. Better content can lower your bounce rate, attract more backlinks and improve your position in the search results.
Here’re few improvisations which you can do for a better content audit-

  • Focus on your analytics- Search for the content which is performing well and building your upcoming content according to it.
  • Always have your customers in mind- See what’s driving interactions and that’s how you can prioritise the content audit.
  • Focus on the common topics - The best way to generate leads is to create content on general topics.

Coming to the conclusion, when actually should you expect the results from your content marketing strategy? Well, I would suggest don’t expect too much, when you have clarity of the content strategy you’re building you know you’re going in the right direction. Things would work out eventually when you get a bit experienced in this sector. Try to learn from the strategies of the other companies, trends and always hear from the best. And there you go!

Oh well, if you are a bit worried which you shouldn’t be at all. Because BEYOND99 is always there for your help. Strike a quick chat on Facebook Messenger or contact us. Happy Blogging!!


Written by Pritha Bagchi