The Undeniable Power of Business Storytelling TedEx

The Undeniable Power of Business Storytelling TedEx

One of my goals for 2018 was to pick a few speaking engagements, but little did I know that #TEDx would come my way!

It's been a month since -

Thrilled & elated to share my passion for business #storytelling and inspire #entrepreneurs around!

They ask me how to get an opportunity to be a TEDx speaker. 

I feel – just like there's no standard pathway to success there's no specific answer to the question. 

However, if I'd to put it out what got me there:

  1. Power of LinkedIn, don't miss out!
  2. Consistently put across your passion, the universe is watching you!
  3. Start with something, don't wait until you make it perfect
  4. Believe in the community & growing together
  5. Get your big message ready (you only have 18 minutes)

Finally an extra one - Don't just hustle, be an interrupter.

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