How's Social Media Marketing different from Social Media Management Social Media#theDigitalEffect

Social Media Marketing, is it any different from Social Media Management?

Sure, it does.

As a digital strategist, I get this a lot of times!

Simple, just look at it as paid marketing & organic management media. 

Social Media Management

  1. Organic (no promotional budget involved)
  2. Content-driven (create new content consistently)
  3. Builds Community (connect with followers & friends)
  4. Long-term (takes time to see the results) 

Social Media Marketing

  1. Paid (targeted ads)
  2. Purpose-driven (selling, brand awareness, etc)
  3. Get Visibility (wide distribution of the content)
  4. Short-term (quick results)

So the big question is –– Which one is BETTER?

Find my suggestion in the video. Tell us, what's your choice?

Written by Khushboo Nangalia