Significant Social Video Stats to Boost Your Social Marketing Strategy! Social Media Marketing

Significant Social Video Stats to Boost Your Social Marketing Strategy! Social Media Marketing

To make your video promoting strategy successful, it is basic that you keep yourself informed about practices and patterns in the business. In this article, I will learn about 6 fundamental social video stats which will benefit you in video marketing. 

1. 81% of organizations use video as a promoting device (up from 63% in 2017) 
As indicated by, video promotion is on the ascent. This pattern isn't a publicity stunt, as other information in this article will propose, which implies that if you don't want your company to be abandoned, you need to begin using video as a feature of your promotional strategy. 
2. Nearly 66% of customers lean toward videos under 60 seconds (Animoto). 
Social Media audience is quite impatient. This is the reason why shorter videos bode well. Conveying the desired information in a snappy sixty-second video is one approach to help their uneasiness. Indeed, even Facebook thinks "making short videos of 15 seconds or less can altogether drive up video completions". This is likely because of the fact that short videos have no time to squander and must choose the option to get to the succulent stuff early on. 

3. 92% of mobile video watchers share videos with others (Virtues) 

 The convenience of having your whole social life in your pocket will undoubtedly make this kind of conduct. That is to say, is there any good reason why you wouldn't share something you find value in, particularly when sharing it just requires a few taps on your screen. 
4. 4 out of 5 viewers trust that demo videos are useful (Animoto) 
Spec sheets and examination Matrixes are fine and dandy, however, let’s be honest, there is nothing superior to seeing how something functions. Promotions should not just relate to sales, but should also be about informing your buyers about both the benefits and features of your product. An informed purchase is a satisfied purchaser. 
5. 85% of Facebook video is watched without sound (Digiday). 
Either individual hate to sound or are watching videos in circumstances where they can't adequately hear it out. Most likely, it's the latter. This discloses to you a considerable measure about how omnipresent videos have become. To such an incredible degree that individuals appear to watch videos even during less than optimal hearing conditions. That is exactly how unimaginably captivating the moving picture is. 
6. 22% visited the site named in the video advertisement (Video Brewery) 
Because a decent percentage of individuals happen to visit the named site, it doesn't mean you should mention your organization's site at regular intervals for the length of the video. Rather, say it when important so it sounds easygoing and befitting of the particular context. 
Bonus - 38% of advertisers have distributed video content on LinkedIn. Of the individuals who utilized it, 75% observed it to be a compelling procedure. 
Conclusion - With regards to using social video for your marketing endeavors, it is not wrong to go with your gut. A great deal of original and invigorating work is made that way. Having said that, being on a lookout for where trends are heading is most likely a wise decision. You would prefer not to appear outdated.
The fact of the matter is that there's a reason behind why businesses are progressively more intrigued by a video… it just works! 


Written by Prerna Sharma