Speaking at the Regional Conference on Corporate Communication PresenceEvents

Speaking at the Regional Conference on Corporate Communication PresenceEvents

Glad to share we’ll be participating in the regional conference organized by Zenith Bizness Excellence on Corporate Communication Professional happening on 18 - 19 February 2020 at the Berjaya Times Square.

Khushboo Nangalia, CEO shall be sharing her own thoughts and ideas on “NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND ITS EFFECT ON COMMUNICATION PROFESSIONALS”.

Today's technological advances have moved communications into a new realm, where messages are delivered almost instantly, tasks are assigned and managed by computer programs and people are even removed from the communications equation. And while most advances have improved workflow and efficiency, some concerns about the quality of business relationships have surfaced.’
And our CEO will share insights on:

• What are the downsides of technology in communication?
• Does new technology save money or costs money in corporate communication?
• How does embracing digitization has improved efficiency in corporate communication?

What is Corporate communication professional?

Corporate communication professional is a regional conference where you will be able to hear about the best practices that are being used to communicate in this digitalized era. 

Industrial Experts along with experienced speakers from all over the world are going to attend this event and share their views and thoughts about the corporate world. 

So technically if you want to grow your company then this event will help you to learn more from Industries’ best speakers like Ivanna Aguiling, Pooja Schmill, Hazel Marie, Nikhil Kharoo, Jitendra Vashistha and many more.

Reasons you should definitely attend this event

  • 2 days of the well-organized conference that will help your communication approach
  • 20+ Experienced speakers from all over the world
  • 14 insightful keynote sessions 
  • 17 advanced topics for your future-focused agenda.
  • Expert moderators from well-known brands, for example, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Mondelez International, OCBC, Facebook and so on. 
  • 3 interactive panel discussions to discuss and debate corporate identity and its effect on communication professionals. 

This event will help you to highlight the true factor of the corporate world. It will guide you on how to come up with strategy for your internal, external and integrated communication, the importance of storytelling and content creation, knowing correct use of communication tools and technology, and many more

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