How to use Instagram Stories for Users & Brands Social Media

How to use Instagram Stories for Users & Brands Social Media

Instagram is a ground-breaking interpersonal organization. So it was somewhat shocking when they declared that they were taking an element from social juggernaut Snapchat. Indeed, they didn't even try to change the element's name. Like Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories offer clients the opportunity to capture moments by means of photo or video, include some content and scribbles, and drop this into a sequentially organized slideshow. These stories additionally vanish over the following 24 hours. So the question is, is Instagram the Snapchat killer or is this just a part promotion? How about we cut through the clutter and investigate what this implies and why it is important for your business. 

Why Instagram Stories Are Better for Users?

Make no mistake, Snapchat is considered a social media giant. They basically possess the millennial statistic, as Edison Research noted in their Infinite Dial study prior this year. This is a big news story as Facebook has had a strong foothold on every demo over the previous decade. 
So it’s not very surprising that Facebook would utilize their visually engaged social organization (Instagram) to make the most forceful and clear assault on Snapchat. They have a history with this sort of thing. Remember when Twitter propelled Vine's six-second looping videos too well-known recognition just to have their development hindered a couple of months by Instagram's 15-second videos?
It’s not very easy to state that Facebook is essentially stealing ideas. Be that as it may, in the two cases, they improved the item. They beat Vine in both video length and by including filters. Instagram Stories correspondingly strike at Snapchat's Achilles' heel — outline. 
While Snapchat is strong and drawing in users, it shuns standard social network designs. It is difficult to be used. That is an issue for development. Instagram's sleek stories are anything but difficult to alter. A plus symbol at the top or a straightforward swipe right enables the photo screen to begin another story. 

Why Instagram Stories Are Better for Brands?

This intuitive plan gives a decent segue into why Instagram Stories are better for brands. The home screen for the system includes horizontally scrolling icons across the top for users with their most recent stories. 
For most brands, their logo is their social symbol. This gives a prompt and powerful brand touchpoint, strengthening top-of-mind awareness. As the feed — now controlled by Instagram's first calculation — becomes more crowded, standing out is fundamental. Stories give an extraordinary method to strengthen your core message. 
Another brand-driven component is that this is entirely going on Instagram — an established social network utilized by 94% of the Interbrand 100, as detailed by Simply Measured in their 2016 State of Social Media Marketing Report. On the off chance that you have already made a presence on Instagram, you can now expand on that. 

What does this mean for the State of Social Content?

While Instagram Stories streamline a portion of Snapchat's design weaknesses, they give a new setting to the story as a powerful and extraordinary type of social substance. Facebook pioneered the feed, which is currently a broadly acknowledged social standard. Stories give the ideal crossing point of personal, real-time, and visual substance. 

A powerful and fun instrument for both users and brands. What's your story?


Written by Prerna Sharma