How to Use Facebook Carousel Ads to Dramatically Lower CPC How toFacebook Ads

How to Use Facebook Carousel Ads to Dramatically Lower CPC How toFacebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks in the digital advertising industry right now. From local business to international business facebook ads are everywhere. The most beneficial feature of Facebook Ads is that we can change the demographics according to our need. We can focus on the specific audiences that we want to choose or any specific region. Still, if you are complaining about the price, well you shouldn't. So if you’re interested in keeping your budget in check and your cost-per-click (CPC) down, you should definitely check out our article!

What are facebook carousel ads?

It’s an ad format where you can add 3-5 ads into a single scrollable ad unit. Cool isn’t? You must’ve seen it when it pops up in your feed but then you didn’t know it by name. Let us analyze how facebook carousel ads are so successful in attracting audiences:

  • Its visuals are extremely attractive and attention provoking, it allows users to show them multiple previews of the same product depicting a better idea of it.
  • It’s more engaging. If they are looking at all the images by scrolling that means they are spending more time on it.

Who Are Facebook Carousel Ads Meant For?

Carousel is perfect for any type of marketing campaign. But to be more specific we should focus on what our product is, carousel ads are more worthy for clothing, jewelry, fitness or gadgets. That’s we see so many clothing brands are opting for carousel ads.

However, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it for advertising your product. It’s important how you use it. Here’re a few tips on where and how to use it for extracting the maximum benefit:

  • You should have a visually striking product which should depict your brand identity.
  • You should have a variety of products to promote.
  • You wouldn’t want to show something simple which is not worthy of attention.

If you have photos, a few lines of copy and a product to sell, you’re good to go with Facebook carousel ads. The focus Is simply having something to promote that catches the eyes of prospects within their newsfeeds.

How to Setup a Facebook Carousel Ad?

Now we're going to help with setting up a carousel ad. Facebook has the most user-friendly interface I assume you shouldn’t have any trouble with. 

  • Firstly go to the facebook ads manager and select the objective of your ad. You’ll need to select the objective of your ad, whether it be traffic, lead generation or store visits. 
  • Next, create the audience for your add. For example what age do you want your audience to see your ad? 
  • Then, you’ll see the preview of your ad for different devices. For example- small devices, medium devices, and large devices.
  • Here you can attach the copy and other aspects and examine how does it look like before publishing.

There you go, it's pretty straightforward though. Well, there are still a lot of options to play around with you really want to go that deep. Facebook has their own set of specifications for carousel ads-

  • Images should be a square 600 by 600 pixels
  • You’re limited to 90 characters of text for your ad “post” (think: the “status” copy)
  • You’re also limited to 40 characters for headlines (bolded copy that appears under your images) and 20 characters for ad descriptions (optional copy beneath your headlines). 

But you’re maybe wondering how will your carousel ads perform once published? If you are focused on pay per click, conversations, and engagement count it’ll be crucial to calculate that way. 

Few Do’s the Don’ts for Fine-Tuning Your Facebook Carousel Ads

  • Pick thematic photos- It means it should be of related variety. Like the same theme color or different angles of the same product. It should tell a story.
  • Don’t pick random photos that’ll create much confusion for the audience.
  • Colors definitely count if you’re trying to catch the attention of someone randomly scrolling through their Facebook feed. We’ll suggest don’t use vivid, loud or bright colors.
  • Don’t run an ad without a goal in mind. Look, you want your audience to have a perception of your product & that should be the main focus.

              - Build buzz and attention around a new product launch
              - Encourage more subscribers to your email list
              - Generate leads from a discount or promotion

  • Copy should be short and crisp. Don’t put a large copy for the carousel ad. It creates much confusion and it's sloppy moreover.
  • Don’t impose too much on your audience by putting ‘CLICK HERE’ or ‘EPIC SALE’.

The beauty of carousel ads is it shows your versatility as a businessman. So, there is always room for experiment and fun with your business approach.

Okay then, no worries! Hit us if you have any queries! Don’t hesitate to reach our team of Facebook marketing experts at BEYOND99 for a quick assistance to your queries. Or contact us on Facebook Messenger for a quick chat. 
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Written by Pritha Bagchi