How to Develop an Influencer Marketing Strategy? Social Media Marketing

How to Develop an Influencer Marketing Strategy? Social Media Marketing

How would you reach your intended interest group with significant content when consumers basically don't trust in Digital advertising?

If you are worried and have this question that keeps you up at night… well, you’re certainly not alone. There are many companies that suffer the same problem.
In spite of the fact it can still work, promoting or advertising on its own is simply not enough to get consumer attraction. You have to additionally need to build trust and loyalty to be the top choice in your niche. What's more is that this can be accomplished with 2 strategies: extraordinary content marketing strategy and working together with top influencers in your specialty.

And in this article, I am going to show how to manage both in one article.

What is Influential Marketing?

Influential marketing is a kind of internet-based life-promoting that uses endorsements and product references from influencers–people who have devoted social followers and are seen as experts in their field. Influencer advertising works in view of the high measure of trust that influencers have developed with their following and suggestions from them as proof of social confirmation to your image's potential clients.

Steps to Develop an Influencer Marketing Strategy
1. Set your goal - First and foremost thing is to set your goal. Like what exactly do you want to achieve with this influencer marketing?

Some key objective that can be achieved with influencer marketing are:

  • Reaching out to a new set of audiences and improving your brand awareness.
  • Build awareness and establish trust with the target audience.
  • Setting up a goal to generate more sales and leads to your business.
  • Improving website traffic

Focus on your business goal so that you can come up with a proper objective to achieve them.

2. Finding the right influencers - After setting up your goal it is time to find the right social influencer who will help you to reach your target goal.
There are various types of influencers, depending on what you want them to fit into. For Example Micro-influencers and Macro influencers. The most important aspect of these influencers is not their followers but how engaging their audience is and how influential the influencers are.

Before selecting a particular influencer for your business there are some major points that need to be kept in mind:

  • Topics they cover - Which field do they cover in their social platform? Is it relevant to your target audience and will this influencer influence your target audience?
  • Who are their followers - It is important to keep a note of their target audience as ideally, you will want to reach your target audience.
  • How engaging is their audience - How close of a relationship is there among influencers and supporters? A genuine influencer is one who has engaging followers.

3. Connecting with the influencers and setting up the right campaign - After finding the right influencer for your business there are certain steps that need to be followed to connect with the influencers

  • Reach out directly via email to ask them if they’re interested in collaborating for your business.
  • Follow them on their social handles and build trust and relationships.

Once you are done connecting, share your objectives with them and what you want to achieve through your influential marketing campaign.

  • Brand Awareness: Get influencers to review your item on their channels, make challenges and giveaways and host them on the influencer's page 
  • Increasing sale: Introduce discount coupons/special offers to promote on social networking channels or by means of an affiliate program. 
  • Improve trust/reputation: Make influencers brand ambassadors, send gifts of your product as a token of appreciation to some selective followers.

Discuss with the influencers about the ideas and then implement accordingly and most importantly give them their creative freedom and let them do their work.

4. Track and Optimize - Once the campaign goes live, keep track of the campaign and optimize it as you go along. Keep a closer look at the campaign performance and note what is working and what isn’t. 

  • Correct the mistakes if any is present, like spelling, the timing of posting, content, etc.
  • Identify social posts that are working very well and pay to boost them to generate more visibility and engagement.
  • Put a Call to action if needed. 

5. Measuring ROI - It is important to keep a measure of your goal to understand the ROI better. It will help you to understand what worked and what didn’t and how you can use that knowledge in the future to build better campaigns.

You can even add a UTM tracking code to your campaigns’ links so that you can easily monitor your campaign links in detail and establish better ROI, especially if you’re working with several influencers.

There are 3 elements that help in UTM tracking link:

Source: Place from where the clicks/traffic is coming
Medium: Traffic type.
Campaign: The campaign which got them to click.

This will help you understand where your traffic is coming from, what made them convert, and what type of traffic it is (paid, organic, etc.).

These are the steps through with you can come up with your influencer marketing strategy and execute them accordingly.

Khushboo Nangalia

Written by Khushboo Nangalia