Facebook Tools for Every Business FacebookBusiness Tools

Facebook Tools for Every Business FacebookBusiness Tools

In today’s world, Facebook has become the most used platform of social media all over the globe. It is a place where a majority of your time is spent online viewing pictures, videos, ads of specific brands and what not. People get to know about products and services more online, than through newspaper or television. Similarly, there are multiple online marketing agencies in Malaysia which have opted for the same notion of marketing. Among these, BEYOND99 has started setting its strong roots in a digitally connected world.

Below are a few tools for every business organization out there to get well acquainted with Facebook Marketing and help your business grow.

5 Facebook Tools to Achieve your Business Goal:

  1. Facebook Ads - It is wise to choose this for a simple reason that there are 2 billion people using Facebook. 1 of every 5 minutes is spent on Facebook. Start by choosing your audience, get their attention by ad formats and then go see the results through ad reporting tools. 
  2. Facebook Pages - Your page is the key to get a strong hold of your business’ presence on Facebook. Creating a page is just a matter of minutes. Join a community of over 60 million active business Pages, connect with billions of potential customers, and create a mobile hub where you’ll find 1.1 billion users. 
  3. Facebook Messenger - Connect with your potential audience personally. From over 2 billion Facebook users, 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly. Also, 56% of people prefer messaging over calling customer service. Messenger helps you tailor your interactions with your audience, one conversation at a time. 
  4. Instagram - Regardless of your goals, your business belongs on Instagram. This is a popular mobile destination with a survey of 60% of people discovering new products and 75% respondents taking action after being influenced by a post. Moreover, 80% of accounts follow a business profile on Instagram and are most likely to be converted.
  5. Audience Network - This is a global network where you extend your ads beyond Facebook. Start connecting with real people regardless of their location, show your ads across high quality sites and apps, and get real results by improving your campaign efficiency. 

We are BEYOND99 a strategic, tactical marketing agency driven by data and focused on positive results. At BEYOND99, people are connected to your business through means of digital media marketing. Its services help you push your limits as a marketer by providing  you guidance, connections, and execution for business growth. The main services comprise of Online Advertising, Performance Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Website & eCommerce Marketing, Mobile App Marketing, etc. Contact us TODAY!



Written by Prerna Sharma