Facebook Ads: Why, How, Best Practices, and a Bonus Tip! Social Media

Facebook Ads: Why, How, Best Practices, and a Bonus Tip! Social Media

Facebook has invaded our lives. Every generation over the world is glued to their mobile screens and the blame goes to Facebook! 

Last time anyone checked, Facebook had an astounding 2.07 billion monthly active users. Even more intriguing is the fact that regularly, in excess of 800 million individuals like something on Facebook. What more? The content posted on Facebook is very fruitful in connecting with users. Obviously, such dumbfounding figures will influence anybody to get on the Facebook Ads wagon. However, the massive audience count won't generally be useful for your Ads. By the day's end, all you need is to achieve your intended target group, who will be interested in either working with you or purchasing your products and services. 

Gratefully, Facebook gives multiple layers of targeting in promotions in view of factors like demography, age, gender, interests, conduct, off-Facebook action, and so on. This will assist you in focusing your Ads on the correct segment of the audience, who are well on the way to purchase your items or services and augment ROI. 

For the individuals who are as yet not persuaded, consider this - 
According to a review led by Social Fresh (in a joint effort with Firebrand Group and Simply Measured in April 2016) 95.8 percent of web-based advertisers overall said Facebook gives the best ROI of every single social stage. 

Facebook Ads to direct people to Your Website 

The very adaptable Facebook advertisements offer 10 campaign targets in light of what is the ultimate objective of your promotion. Of the considerable number of goals, the most widely recognized one is to direct people to a site. This promotion target swings both routes, as it builds the site reach and at the same time takes users to a dedicated landing page. From there on, the client may potentially purchase an item, take an interest in some other lead generation activities or agree to sign up the for the newsletter. 

Different Types of Facebook Ads 

We should investigate the different sorts of Facebook promotions intended to drive more activity to your site: 

  1. Page Boost Ads - With "Boost Post" choice, Facebook offers you an opportunity to expand the reach of your post, each time you post something on your page. The Boosted Page Post looks precisely like some other customary Facebook post; it is just accompanied by a "Sponsored" note on top. By tapping on the "Boost Post," you can outline the bidding strategies and target the audience with a specific end goal to advance the post on your page and help it reach to more number of people over the Facebook terrain. 
  2. Link Click Ads - This advertisement type is utilized to advance external sites and send users to a coveted landing page. Owing to the various choices available, a similar advertisement can be conveyed over different stages, while allowing you to connect with an expansive crowd. 
  3. Video Ads - Facebook Video Ads are just like Link Ads with the main contrast that rather than still pictures, the Ad includes a video. 

The Best Practices - Facebook Ads 

The following are some critical techniques that can assist you with making the most of your Facebook Ads: 

  1. Continue rotating your advertisements routinely 
  2. Attempt new styles 
  3. Take a stab at trying different things with audience targeting
  4. Make use of Facebook Pixel (a small piece of code placed in a website)
  5. Use superior photographs and videos that can do wonders 

Bonus Tip: 

Remarketing is a magnificent instrument to serve Facebook Ads to users who have already visited your site. These advertisements may incorporate suggestions to users to finish their buy, attractive offers, item proposals, and so on.

With your counterparts getting results from Facebook promotions, it's about time that you build up an innovative Facebook advertising plan.


Written by Prerna Sharma