Digital Marketing Trends For 2019 - Must Watch Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Trends For 2019 - Must Watch Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is ubiquitous and all-pervasive on account of the entrance of the data superhighway or the Internet. How about we take a look at the best ongoing digital marketing trends of 2019 and make sense of, which one will be the best of all things considered! 
2018 is the year when brands will utilize chatbots like never before for amusing clients. In 2017, Facebook Messenger took off 'M'- the bot for its US clients. It was so well incorporated that clients hardly saw it. 'M' recommends customers to share their location, hail a cab, send and ask for money, and furthermore relevant emoticons amid the discussion. Starbucks' chatbot (accessible on the app) makes ordering an espresso easier than before. Request your most loved food or drink and you will be informed of the total cost and the time of order delivery. It is evaluated that by 2020, over 80% of customer service communications will be dealt with by bots. The intriguing pattern is that a majority of people can't make sense of whether they addressed a man or a chatbot in their last customer service interaction. Lastly, the virtual help will get extensive cost investment funds (in billion USD) to organizations by 2022. 
2. Videos, Videos and More Videos
Live streaming videos are considered the smartest part of your digital marketing technique. It represented a gigantic three-fourth of all web traffic in 2017 and is required to achieve 82% by 2020. Video advertising guarantees a higher commitment level with the brands. Another explanation behind the consistently developing prevalence is that the unconstrained and un-editable nature of the medium enhances straightforwardness and validness. Live videos are additionally seen as more personal and bona fide when contrasted with a well-planned post or event. 
2017 was a 'yahoo year' for influencer promoting and it will keep on dominating 2018 too. Most organizations and brands rode on 'its' example of overcoming adversity to develop an audience and enhance topline numbers considerably through social networking sites. While a year ago, the influencers and brands were secretive about their affiliation, this year organizations should adhere to the FTC rules and uncover the relationship with the influencer including the pay, while advancing them via social media. 
Bottom line: Influencer advertising will be more directed for the current year so that it bodes well to use it with alert. Be straightforward about your association with the influencer and don't trick the buyer. 
What's common between Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Google? 
It's the "Story Format" they all love to have in each item/service. Snapchat is known as the 'Story format' pioneer, catching the best moments from an ordinary day, which vanish after a pre-chosen transitory timeframe. Who doesn't love a decent storytelling? A convincing story wisely woven into the advanced digital marketing procedure will result in maximum user engagement. The developing prominence of social media makes it very hard for any social advertiser to disregard it in 2018. 
5. Content Generated by the User
User Generated Content (UGC) is any sort of content that has been made by end-users for the advantage of the community overall. It incorporates pictures, videos, tweets, testimonials, blogs, and everything in which users share their involvement with a brand and advance it. A user will give higher significance to another user's views/feelings when contrasted with advertisements or big name (celebrity) endorsements. Brands and advertisers are progressively attempting to bridle the power of 'User-generated Content' to help topline development. This is the ideal opportunity for all organizations to leverage by urging authentic users to review their site/mobile application. 
All the above trends will enhance the digital and social marketing scene in 2019. It’s time to reconsider and re-shape your digital strategy as well and steer ahead!


Written by Prerna Sharma

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