8 Steps to Creating Effective Pillar Pages SEO

8 Steps to Creating Effective Pillar Pages SEO

Pillar pages are an advancing practice in SEO circles and can be an extraordinary method to support your ranking for the keywords you target. They cover a solitary subject top to bottom through subtopics which make up these groups - that implies a pillar page is perhaps the ideal in long-form content. 
In this post, you will be getting eight tips for making extraordinary pillar pages which are organized to enhance active engagement. 

1. Put Your Pillar Page in the Correct Place 

With your pillar page content made, you now need to choose where to put the content on your site. 
Your pillar page is a very long landing page. Our recommendation is that you make it so guests can discover your pillar pages both from the call to action to the main menu on your website. 

2. Reformat the Content 

The same style guide may be followed by your content and site, yet that is not generally the situation. We suggest that you reformat your content to look like different pages on your site. You may likewise need to change some graphics treatments utilized in the PDF variant of the content offer - for instance, in the PDF rendition of the content, we call out tips which uses text in a blue text box. 

3. Leave Navigation Turned On 

While it's a typical practice to expel navigation menus from landing pages, we feel that pillar pages are not quite the same as a full landing page. 
We've taken note of various pillar pages, and we see half with navigation and half without. We want to enable navigation to make it simpler for anybody visiting our site to find what they require. 

4. Utilize the TIC-TOC Organization 

Open your pillar page with a TIC-TOC structure: 
Title, Introduction, Content Offer, Table of Contents (TIC-TOC) 
Your pillar page should begin with a title, and a one-passage introduction which clarifies the center point you're covering. Make sure to clarify the value of the content from the viewpoint of the guest - address client pain points by explaining the issues addressed by the pillar page content, and the potential advantages picked up from consuming it. 

5. Give a "Back to TOP" Link or Button 

With such a great amount of content on your pillar page, it is very easy to get lost. Try not to influence your guests to scroll endlessly to return to the table of content - give a 'Back to Top' button or link at the bottom left or bottom right of each area of content. 

6. Open External Links in a New Window 

You pillar content will probably contain links to outside sites or your own content in blog entries. Have these links open in another window with the goal that readers don't need to close your pillar page. 

7. Incorporate Calls-to-Action for your Conversion Path Offers 

Incorporate URL, image calls, or button to take action all through your pillar page content to connect it to relevant offers in light of the conversion ways you've characterized for your pillar page. 

8. End with Your Content Offer and Additional Offers 

Complete your pillar page with a similar offer to download the pillar content. We likewise find that the finish of the pillar page is an incredible place to offer a particular service identified with the subject. On the off chance that you do, we recommend stacking call-to-action. 

Lastly, the best pillar page content isn't any good if your target group can't discover what they're searching for, or get lost down the rabbit hole. So utilize these tips to get more out of your work and enhance your site execution. 


Written by Prerna Sharma