7 Tips for Small Businesses to Adapt to Facebook's News Feed Overhaul Social MediaFacebook

Last week Zuckerberg announced about Facebook's new News Feed -

“More from your friends, family, and groups. As we roll this out, you’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media.”
Thumbs up to Facebook on a personal level but SME - it may not be so good.

Adapting to this overhaul I've some suggestion to keep growing your business without handing more and more $$$ over to paid Facebook adverts

  1. Foremost: Go beyond Facebook, diversify your social media channels
  2. Spend more time producing genuinely relevant and engaging content
  3. Put engagement at the core of what you do without baits
  4. Use Facebook Groups
  5. Focus on your website, it should be a central hub to everything
  6. Interact with other’s post (comment, share and ask questions); remember social media is not only about you
  7. Encourage sharing your companies page post on your personal profile
  8. Social Media is not everything, get away from the computer and meet people in real life at networking meetings - it’s where relationships are built, it’s where you win business.

What's your take on this change!