5 Tips for Creating a Facebook Ad Campaign FacebookOnline Advertising

5 Tips for Creating a Facebook Ad Campaign FacebookOnline Advertising

Are you tired of creating new ad campaigns again and again and yet again? Are you tired of losing money on non-performing Facebook Ads? If you want to create your first successful ad today – then we have a few simple solutions for you.

5 Tips for Creating a Facebook Ad Campaign

5 Tips for Creating a Facebook Ad Campaign:

  1. It All Depends On Your Offer - It is for a fact that you always have more chances to create an ad that pays off if you keep a good offer in place. Great offers sell without selling. Make the customers realize that buying whatever you’re selling is their idea, not yours. Go beyond the typical kind of offers like “free shipping” or “50% off” and put something unique. 
  2. Track Your Sales - Social engagement and clicks are a part of what you’re doing and make no mistake, it is important. But what if all you’re getting are clicks and shares, instead of an actual sale. Many reside under the false impression that their ad is doing well, just because it is getting a lot of clicks. That is so not true. Clicks don’t necessarily mean an ad is high-performing. All that matters at the end of the day are your sales. 
  3. Don’t Create, But Build - Most people would like to believe that successful campaigns are “created”, but they are not. Remember, you can’t produce an excellent Ad without the exact knowledge of your audience. A campaign is always based on the findings of information related to your target audience. Start with a strong basis of your content, then keep putting together a series of building blocks. Finally, start taking care of the less relevant details. 
  4. Long-Term Planning – Long-term planning can bring a major opportunity to someone’s business. But it’s sad to see that many marketers are missing out on them in a bid to make a quick buck. Paying more for acquiring a customer, than an actual selling cost of the product may seem like a bizarre idea. But it’s not! If your LTV (Customer Lifetime Value) is high, ultimately you are the winner. 
  5. Set Clear Goals – Today, many people are overlooking this crucial step in Facebook Marketing.  From an advertising standpoint, setting goals is important because it helps you measure results and discover whether or not your ads and campaigns are following the right direction. Without a clear path to follow, you’ll never get tangible results.

The bottom line? Remember to break down your “big picture” goals into smaller goals. This may seem like a simple concept, but will definitely make your life easier. Lastly, don’t hesitate to reach our team of facebook marketing experts at BEYOND99 for a quick assistance to your queries. Or contact us on Facebook Messenger for a quick chat. 
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Written by Prerna Sharma