5 Killer Strategies of Influencer Marketing Influencer Marketing

5 Killer Strategies of Influencer Marketing Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has turned into an intriguing topic of discussion for advertisers today since they have acknowledged how ground-breaking it is. With a high ROI, per se, $6.50 for each $1, it fills in as an incredible advertising medium. It is additionally more affordable and more proficient with regards to promoting brand messages during a time when the use of Adblocker tools is rising. 

What is Influencer Marketing? 

For an advertiser, influencers are individuals who intrigue other people to purchase something. They have been able to build trust and regard among their adherents after some time through their expert contemplations and opinions. What's more, is individuals are probably going to follow their suggestions. 

The Most Effective Method to Get Started 

The initial move towards propelling a successful influencer marketing campaign is finding the correct influencers. It is constantly fitting to interface with top influencers from similar and relevant industries to yours, so influencers can identify with your image and advance your products effectively. 

Top 5 Influencer Marketing Strategies 

Here are a couple of procedures to guide you: 

1. Blogs

Request your influencers to publish a blog entry about your brand or products. At the point when their followers read the post, it will increase brand awareness and direct people to your website. Such blog entries are extremely valuable for individuals searching for information on certain branded items previous to making a purchase. Microsoft reached as far as 91 million people with a total of 30 Instagram posts mentioning them. 

2. Discount Codes 

Keeping in mind the end goal to drive traffic and generate sales, share coupon codes or discount codes with your influencers so that they can share it among their followers. This will fill in as an incentive for people looking to buy your products and gives them an additional nudge towards a purchase. 

3. Contests

Contests and item giveaways draw in a wide set of customers and motivate them to connect with your brand. Customers jump at the chance to take an interest in such challenges and rivalries to win prizes and gifts. These exercises are thrilling and sound less promotional than traditional marketing.

4. Ambassador Programs or Long-Term Partnerships

Just like Selena Gomez is the brand ambassador of COACH, similarly, make a renowned influencer the face of your brand in a long-term partnership/contract. This will avoid the hassle of approaching multiple influencers with no guaranteed long-term benefit.  

5. Events

Events are a great way to foster a relationship with influencers by helping entrepreneurs network with renowned and influential personalities. Influencer posts and media events about the event boost brand awareness. 

So don’t forget to follow the above-mentioned strategies for a highly effective influencer marketing campaign. And let's create your success story TOGETHER.


Written by Prerna Sharma