5 Golden Rules for Engaging Your Social Media Audience Social Media Engagement

5 Golden Rules for Engaging Your Social Media Audience Social Media Engagement

In today’s digital world one of the most important goals of the social media marketers is to bring their brands to life. Well, despite knowing that we are constantly failing to engage with our customers on a deeper level. And as a result of this whatever content we deliver in our social media handles goes worthless, if we don’t find enough audience to deal with. No matter how interactive your content is if it’s not connecting with the real-life problems on an emotional level the audience loses their interest.


So today, we are going to discuss 5 golden rules for engaging your social media audience with relevant content on a regular interval -

  1. Get Personal - To drive user engagement we have to cultivate such content which stirs their soul and forces them to think. ‘Spamming’ is one thing you have to ignore all along because commenting or posting the same content again and again won’t help you anyway! The best way to drive engagement is to get to the basics like if you post a quote or frame your posts with a question it would definitely draw the audience because it intrigues them on a deeper level.
  2. Use a compelling language - While framing your posts or content one thing which you need to get right is finding a ‘niche’. Look there are certain things the audience might be looking out for, like the perfect selection of words, being narrative in your descriptions and addressing the audience. Try sticking to a format of writing, framing, delivery and you’re all set to go.
  3. Use scheduling tools - Look ideas can hover around your head anytime and you don’t want to lose them if you really hope to drive content. Always remember your audience is expecting posts from you at regular intervals and if they suspect your inactivity they lose interest. There comes the post scheduling tools like CoSchedule or Sprout Social, you can create a post anytime and schedule them at regular intervals. You don’t have to worry about deadlines anymore, these apps should be your go to!
  4. Pay attention to data - One of the best ways to reflect a good social media reputation is to analyze and improve.There are many online tools as Google analytics where you can see the pie charts and bar graphs to see your performance reports. It can offer you the complete details of the posts which has got a great response and which hasn’t. Spend some time introspecting what works for your audience and create similar content.
  5. Deal with negative engagement in a positive tone - Have you got negative user engagement? Sure everyone has, but what creates a difference is the way you deal with it. And there comes the rookie mistake, ignoring it! Never ever ignore a negative feedback, always remember every form of social engagement matters! Deal with the negative feedback in a positive tone, showcase your brand’s ability by problem solving skills. Address them politely and keep them updating at regular intervals. If you can ace the conversation, they’ll be forced to change their perspective!

And there you go! Follow these amazing tips to drive a killer user engagement and get back to us if there’s any query. We are BEYOND99, a digital marketing agency for all your branding woes! Ping us on Facebook Messenger anytime and we’ll get back to you in no time!


Written by Pritha Bagchi