3 Tips for a Winning Content Marketing Strategy Social MediaContent

3 Tips for a Winning Content Marketing Strategy Social MediaContent

"Why some brand pages have more engagement than the other?"

Its a question I'm often asked while working with startups & companies.

Winning Content Marketing Strategy

While there are numerous elements that would help, let's look at 3 core choices to make: 

1. Value over Marketing
Use the 80-20 rule where just 20% of information is around your brand and the remaining 80% adds value to the lives of your target audience at some level. 

2. Relationship Building over Link Building
The importance of links in online marketing remains intact, but you need to stop making a conscious effort to build links; instead, it should happen naturally as you forge long-term relationships.

3. Quality over Quantity in Social Media
You need to achieve a fair degree of frequency but this alone won’t cut it for you. For example, you might be sharing links, images, and videos, but if they don’t benefit your target audience, it will be of little use to your marketing efforts.

Do you think you have got the best content marketing strategy, ask me if in doubt
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Khushboo Nangalia

Written by Khushboo Nangalia

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